BELIGNUM delivers all panel materials for bodywork. We offer a wide selection of floor panels with a choice from multiplex, hardwood or laminated truck flooring, and a broad assortment of Polyfont panels for the walls. We have an extensive stock of wall and floor panels in a wide range of lengths, widths and thicknesses.

belignum - multiplex


Delignit Ecotrans

Delignit Ecotrans is a wear-resistant beech multiplex panel that guarantees long-term use. For decades now this panel has been successfully used for the most wide-ranging body applications.

Delignit GFA

This beech multiplex panel is reinforced with glass fibre. Thus a thinner panel can be used for the same carrying capacity. Delignit GFA therefore saves on volume and weight and can handle very high loads. For years now Delignit has been the unbeatable quality panel in bodywork.

MTX birch

This multiplex birch panel has a very good price-quality ratio. The panel is produced according to the strictest European EN standards and is available in many thicknesses and formats.


Exotic hardwood remains the traditional solution for heavy and intensive use. High-quality wood types guarantee a very long service life and a high load-bearing capacity. Hardwood planks are thus ideal for open cargo spaces and heavy transport.

We deliver these boards planed, ready for immediate use, with a choice between a Z profile or an Omega profile. We can also produce a different profile if preferred.

belignum - hardhouten plankenvloer
Belignum - Laminated Truck Flooring

Laminated truck flooring

Laminated truck flooring is a plank composed of hardwood 30 cm wide, with a length up to 8.5 metres, without joints. This floor is thus ideal for moving vans and flower trucks.

Polyfont walls

BELIGNUM is the Belgian importer and distributor of Polyfont panels, a widely-used application for the construction of walls and ceilings.

BELIGNUM is the Belgian importer and distributor of Polyfont panels, a widely-used application for the construction of walls and ceilings. Polyfont is a composite panel that is finished with two layers of polyester and which, depending on the desired strength and the application, has an appropriate inner layer. The ideal solution for body builders who have to equip a structure with walls and ceilings.

Belignum - Polyfont

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