BELIGNUM specialises in panel materials for lumberyards and wholesale distributors. Our offer consists of high-quality furniture panels that really stand out for their stability, multifunctionality and lightness...

belignum - TILLY


BELIGNUM is the exclusive importer of the TILLY natural wood panel, a solid wood furniture panel with high stability and functionality.

The standard TILLY panel is built up from a 3-layer, crosswise structure in hardwood or softwood. We also offer a more budget-friendly variant, composed of a single-layer structure in softwood, and a single- or five-layer variant in pinewood.

We distribute this panel exclusively via our dealer network of lumberyards and wholesale distributors and thus do not offer them directly to carpenters and furniture makers.


The Rubberwood panel is ideal for interior applications such as stairways, countertops, furniture, etc. and is composed of finger-jointed slats. This ecological panel is easy to process (density : 600 kg/m3).

Belignum - Rubberwood

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